• Create Your Own Charitable Foundation

    In four simple steps individuals, families, organizations and companies can set up their own Legacy of Giving.



  • Immediate Tax Benefit Eligibility

    You receive an official tax donation receipt for the full value of your contribution.  Gifts of qualifying securities may also be eligible for a capital gains exemption.

  • Give Any Name to Your Account

    You can name your account in any way you wish - honouring your family, a departed loved one, or a special cause.  Your annual grants to charities can be in the name of your account, or you can make them anonymously.

  • Simplify Your Giving

    You can reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks associated with charitable giving and make all your donations through your account.  We track your contributions and grant recommendations and send you a detailed quarterly statement.  Official donation receipts are issued for all deposits to your account.

  • Others Can Donate to Your Account

    Friends, family, group members, employees, and others can all contribute to your account.  Each depositor will receive their own official donation receipt.



  • Gives More as Your Contributions Grow Tax Free!

    We invest your contributions and they grow tax-free, allowing you to give more to the charities you wish to support.  

  • Establishes Your Legacy of Giving!

    Your account can continue to generate grants now and into the future, establishing your legacy of charitable giving.  You may also name a successor to take over your role in the event of your death or incapacity.  Gifts from your account may continue for future generations.


The Veritas Foundation aims to be Canada's authoritative source for participating in the country's charitable sector and evaluating its effectiveness and impact. 

Our vision is to foster a thriving Canadian charitable sector where the most impactful philanthropic pursuits are celebrated and supported by donor capital.

The Veritas Foundation is committed to making sustainable improvements to the Charitable sector through its innovative research, management and granting programs.  In addition to offering the Veritas Foundation Giving Fund, a Donor Advised Fund, the foundation offers grants and awards linked to independent advice, information, thought leadership, and comprehensive reviews of Canadian registered charities, all within a unique VScore program framework.


Finding a Great Charity is like finding a needle in a haystack

There are 86,592 registered charities listed on the directorate with CRA, and another 84,408 not-for-profit organizations in Canada.  How do you choose?  We help!

Interpreting how a charity is performing is complicated

In the absence of a universally adopted methodology to evaluate how a Charity is actually performing, how do you decide what charity to support?  We provide the information you need to make your decisions.

Holding charities accountable feels wrong 

In the charitable sector – we rely on the “good will” economy, trust, and public policy to “regulate” the behaviours of organizations.  Helping you create your own Legacy of Giving is today's newest way to participate!