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Charity Research Reports

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April 2024: The Largest Charities and Foundations in Canada, Update 2024

March 2024: Canada's Charity Sector in a Global Context

February 2024: Fundraising Methods Used by Canada's Charities - Update

January 2024: Top Risks and Opportunities Facing the Charitable Sector in 2024

December 2023: Charity Sector Employment Update 2023

November 2023: The Veritas 500 Fastest Growing Charities in Canada 2023

October 2023: The Charitable Sector's Contribution to the Canadian Economy, 2016-2021

September 2023: The Guide To Charity Categories 2023

August 2023: Donor Advised Funds Report 2023

July 2023: 2023 Update on Canada's Charity and Philanthropic Sector

June 2023: Provincial and Territorial Analysis of Canada's Charity Sector

May 2023: Activities of Small Charities and Foundations in Canada

April 2023: The Largest Charities and Foundations in Canada  

March 2023: The State of Charitable Giving in Canada

February 2023: Non-Tax Receipted Income of Charitable Organizations

January 2023: Top Risks Facing Canada's Charities in 2023

December 2022: Charity Sector Employment

November 2022: The Veritas-500 List of Canada's Fastest Growing Charities

October 2022: Canadian Charity Activities Outside Canada

September 2022: Analyzing the Balance Sheet of Canada's Charitable Sector

August 2022: Donor Advised Funds Report 2022

July 2022: Update on the Impact of COVID on Canada's Charities

June 2022: Update on Canada's Charity and Philanthropic Sector

May 2022: Charity Expense Reporting

April 2022: InterCharity Donations

March 2022: Government Funding to Canada's Charities and Foundations

February 2022: Real Estate Investment in Canada's Charitable Sector 

January 2022: Fundraising Methods Used by Canada's Charities:  Past, Present, Future

December 2021: The Use of External Fundraisers in Canada's Charitable Sector

November 2021: Charitable Gifts-in-Kind - Donations With Impact

October 2021: The Veritas 500 Fastest Growing Charities

September 2021: Measuring the Efficiency of the Canadian Charitable Sector

August 2021: The Canadian Donor Advised Fund Market

July 2021: The Impact of COVID on Canada's Charitable Sector

June 2021: The Canadian Charitable and Philanthropic Sector - Review Report