About Our Foundation

The Veritas Foundation is a private foundation that is federally incorporated in Canada, a public benefit, not-for-profit organization.  We are committed to making sustainable improvements to the Charitable sector through our innovative research and granting programs.  In addition, we offer individuals, families, groups and corporations to establish their own Donor Advised Fund in the Veritas Foundation Giving Fund.  

The Veritas Foundation is the newest addition to the Veritas Group of Companies.  A philanthropic initiative to help make lasting changes to the Charitable market in Canada the way that we strive to do in Capital markets.

Is a Donor Advised Fund right for you?

Opening an account and making deposits with the Veritas Foundation Giving Fund can be useful in your financial and estate planning if, for example, you:

  • Make donations annually or on a regular basis
  • Consider donating a substantial capital during your lifetime or at your death, with a long-term perspective
  • Would like to consolidate all your donations into one account while supporting a variety of organizations
  • Wish your memory to be preserved or your work to outlive you
  • Wish to involve your family, friends, group, or company, or establish an intergenerational philanthropic tradition
  • Are interested in the immediate tax benefits of a donation and all subsequent donations to your account

Fostering higher levels of trust and confidence in the sector.  Protecting both the credibility of the sector, and the interests of the Public.

To help you in your charitable goals, the Veritas Foundation conducts intensive research on Canada's charitable sector and its charities to help in assessing the qualities and shortcomings of each.  Our Mission is to go beyond the research, to be a trustee for the Public's interests. 

Our Core Commitments

As an organization, we adhere to a set of four commitments to ensure the work that we do is objective, fair, and respectful.  Our commitments are to always:

  • Support, strengthen, and encourage good practice in the charitable sector,
  • Foster Public trust and confidence in the sector,
  • Protect both the credibility of the sector, and the interests of the Public, and
  • Demonstrate the accountability of the sector.