The number of charitable organizations, foundations, and non-profits (doing charitable things) has grown to become one of the larger sectors in Canada’s economy (8.1% of our GDP, slightly larger than the automotive sector.)

The scope of the sector is both very wide, and very deep.  From tiny grass-roots charities raising money for a local cause, to extremely large healthcare foundations or educational enterprises trying to tackle huge systemic social problems.

A sector where program diversity and organizational uniqueness is positioned as the case for support. Where the financial needs (real or perceived) create urgency, and where emotive advertising calls us to action.

Public perceptions are a charity’s reality.  An organization’s ability to leverage social media, public opinion, or celebrity - to tell their story is often rewarded despite any evidence in standards of their performance, historical results, or present ability to achieve these results.

Procedural and financial transparency, accountability, and focus are all expected by donors, although they are difficult to measure, and are unpopular to enforce.  Government regulators are too slow to manage compliance.


Finding the right charity to support is like finding a needle in a haystack.  Read our research reports about the Canadian charitable sector to help in selecting the best charities to meet your goals.

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Building your impact over the long term can be achieved by making regular deposits to your account.  This enhances your ability to give more to your favourite charitable causes.  Consider setting up a monthly or quarterly Pre-Authorized Chequing (PAC) plan.

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