The Veritas 500 Awards are presented annually to the fastest-growing Charitable Organizations over the past 5-year period.

We base our ranking on Total Tax-Receipted Donation Revenue reported by the charities in their annual T3010 Canada Revenue Agency filings.  Awards are presented in each of the CRA Categories of Charity, and for the fastest-growing Large Charity (Total Revenues exceeding $1 million per year) and Small Charity.

The Veritas 500 Fastest-Growing Charity Report is published as our annual November Research Report in each year.  

The awards provide insights into which areas of Canada’s Charitable and Philanthropic Sector are garnering increasing attention from both donors and the community, and in turn, provide products and services that are in demand by the communities they service.  The results also draw attention to those charities that are excelling in their charitable mission through good management, mission awareness, and project impact.