The Veritas Foundation is a non-profit charitable public foundation established and registered in 2016 with the Canada Revenue Agency (#732323126 RR0001).  Its mission is to be Canada’s authoritative source for individuals, groups and companies to participate in the country’s charitable sector and evaluate its effectiveness and impact.

To accomplish this mission, the Veritas Foundation has created the Veritas Foundation Giving Fund (VGF) to enable a donor to establish their own Donor Advised Fund (DAF) account, or endowment. Veritas Foundation receives the proceeds of donations from a donor, invests these proceeds in the VGF, and makes grants over a period of time to a donor’s favourite charities and/or permitted entities (“Eligible Charities”). 

Veritas also provides, to donors and others, independent, fair and respectful research into Canadian registered charities to help them in evaluating and choosing their favoured charities. 

Participation in the Veritas Foundation is subject to the laws applicable to Canadian charities, the terms and conditions of the documents creating and governing the Veritas Foundation, its Program Guide, and other Veritas Foundation and VGF documentation, each as amended or created from time to time. 

The Veritas Foundation offers donors the opportunity to:

  • Set up a Donor Advised Fund account that may be named by the donor;
  • Make irrevocable donations to the Veritas Foundation through their account of either cash or securities;
  • Receive an official tax receipt for each donation;
  • Pay no capital gains on donations of qualified securities and receive a tax receipt for the full fair market value of those securities;
  • Recommend grants to eligible charities for the donor's lifetime and beyond;
  • Increase the amount that can be granted over time through the tax-free growth of the assets in the DAF; and
  • Simplify their charitable giving activities by consolidating their giving activities into one account.